• Management Advisory and Accounting

Management Advisory and Accounting

Our advisory services include:

  • updating entity records with tax offices, the Social Insurance Authority and the Central Statistical Office;
  • assistance in the preparation of documents describing the accounting policy adopted by the entity;
  • Assistance in the preparation of internal accounting procedures;
  • Assistance in organizing the accounting department;
  • accounting training;
  • ad hoc advisory services with regard to accounting and tax issues;
  • assistance in registering prior to the first intra-Community transaction in order to obtain a tax identification number starting with the PL code;
  • assistance in obtaining and verification of tax identification numbers with relevant country codes required from business partners for intra-Community transactions;
  • assistance in timely collection of documents necessary to apply the 0 per cent tax rate to intra-Community supplies of goods;
  • assistance and advice related to issuing external invoices;
  • preparation of monthly INTRASTAT declarations.

Assistance during tax audits or inspections as required by public administration institutions, including in particular:

  • review of archived documents;
  • confirmation of balances;
  • preparation and submission of declarations;
  • face-to-face contact and cooperation with controllers;
  • collection and presentation of additional information in the form required by controllers and inspectors.