• Marcin Krupa

Marcin Krupa

Partner in Audit Department, Polish Certified Auditor

BDO Cracow

+48 12 378 69 00



Auditor and consultant with several years of professional experience. He has extensive experience in audit of financial statements in accordance with Polish Accounting Standards (PAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). He has participated in numerous processes of due diligence and other advisory services to clients representing various industries, including listed companies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and large capital groups. Author of numerous publications and lecturer on IFRS and PAS.

Audit and advisory service for listed comany, i.e.: INTEGER.PL group, MARVIPOL Group, TAURON POLSKA ENERGIA Group, KOPEX Group, ZPUE Group;

Audit listed firm, i.e.: Ferro, ZPUE, Ceramika Nowa Gala, Mercator Medical, Kopex, Emperia Holding;

Audit of stand-alone and consolidated financial statement, i.e.: Oknoplast, Stolbud, Stokrotka, Tradis, Zabrzańskie Zakłady Mechaniczne, Tagor, TFI Forum, KSSE, Damel, Accounting Plaza Central Europe, Adler Polska, Consorfrut Polska, Europrovidus, Gemi, Huta Łaziska, Ferroli Polska, Grupa PGD;

Training in IFRS: Develop and conduct training on IFRS, among other things, for companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and other major entities OTC.