• Jarosław Sobkowiak

Jarosław Sobkowiak

Partner at BDO HBC BI


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Jarosław Sobkowiak is one of the cofounders of HBC, a member of The Society of Manufacturing Engineers and a stockbroker. He is a both a graduate of Gdynia Maritime University and WSB University in Poznan, where he studied Equity Investments. He has carried out consultation projects for the venture capital fund - MCI Management S.A., where he was responsible for obtaining financing and the company’s admitance to public trading. At HBC Jarosław is responsible for business development and the direct supervision of implementation projects. He has performed many reorganisational and implementation projects for, among others, companies involved in the machine building industry, remodeling and manufacturing industry, light industry and FMCG. His main clients are Tarczyński S.A., Grupa Kopex and Bumar S.A. He has also cooperated with WIG-Press Financial Publishing Office as a translator and scientific editor.