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  • Management and optimisation of your team online work

Management and optimisation of your team online work

BDO HBC Business Improvement Sp. z o.o. |

31 March 2020

The market imposes on us continuous changes and improvements in the realized operations. This trend has now gained in strength, since the economic cool down which we have been witnessing will require certain radical cost optimisations. In addition, the conditions dictated by the coronavirus epidemic force us to work in a dispersed environment. 

This requires substantial changes in management methods and tools. Combining these two facts  – i.e. the necessity to introduce remote work and radical improvement of cost efficiency - triggers the necessity of continuous analysis and time management of our team work. In particular, when it comes to the functioning of back office. 

The above specified goals may be successfully implemented by means of the Work Performance System online, that is, an original IT tool elaborated and constantly developed by BDO HBC Business Improvement Sp. z o.o. 

The WPS online software enables analyses of significant data from the point of view of the user through an interactive dashboard created in cooperation with the client. It creates the possibility of data monitoring and team management but, above all, it introduces the methods of ongoing optimization and gaining permanent benefits in the scope of improving efficiency.

WPS online All it takes to kick start the work is to identify the tree of activity and train your team in the scope of its proper, ongoing registration through selecting specific actions on their computer screens. Launching WPS online takes no more than 2-3 days needed for establishing which data are to be downloaded and analysed. WPS's significant advantage is adjustment to specific needs of the company as well as the implementation support ensured by BDO HBC.

Data concerning the carried out actions are entered and registered by employees on an ongoing basis, in 24/7 mode, whilst project leaders are provided with permanent view into the progress of realized tasks as well as outcomes in real time.

Project management has never been easier - in case of the necessity to introduce changes in the project, its coordinator may amend the selected elements: i.e. add employees, actions or indicators to be reached. In case of specifying hourly goals for specific stages, verifying the planned hourly budget in which the project will be implemented is possible. The programme is intuitive and the changes we make can be viewed on charts straight away.

Despite the need to make an effort of switching into the new mode of work and manner of functioning, the benefits for users WPS online will be countless:

  • The work may now be planned with high precision and controlled on the basis of data flowing constantly from employees working remotely.
  • Unambiguous defining actions constituting a loss and their gradual elimination are now possible.
  • Reacting to the occurring discrepancies can now be immediate.
  • Gaining information as to the time actually needed for the realization of a specific stage of work is now at one's fingertips and this knowledge may be turned into efficiency improvement.
  •  From the perspective of a manager it is critical to be sure that the remote work is performed at a planned time and the project will be implemented on time.

WPS online supports companies which understand that in present conditions, using all possibilities allowing for a better organization of work and gaining savings is a market must. 

BDO HBC Business Improvement Sp. z o.o.