Our mission statement


dr Andrè Helin

Managing Partner of BDO


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic has put many businesses in a completely new situation. Each day they face new dilemmas, such as:

  •  how to maintain financial liquidity
  •  how not to reduce employment
  •  or finally, what to do to not close the company

The government is trying to react to the arising problems and is introducing special legal regulations meant to support businesses in their fight with the effects of COVID-19.

The regulations are many, and the bills that introduce them are very extensive. Understandably, business owners are unable to continually analyze and follow all of the available options.

This is why BDO experts are doing it for the business owners – for you. To ensure that you get the necessary information quickly, so you can use as extensively and as rapidly as possible.

In one place we are presenting a Comprehensive Database of legal solutions meant to support you, the business owners. We prepare the database on an ongoing basis and will update it continually.

We want to be your support this difficult time - #BDO we are your support

We will answer all your questions – please contact us