A packet of services to help your company fight against COVID-19


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The end of 2019, the coronavirus appears in Wuhan, China. The end of January – first cases of infection recorded on the European continent. Poland’s patient zero was identified on 4 March. On 16 March the government introduces the first restrictions – school and kindergarten closings. The following days and weeks are marked by the impositions on more restrictions on businesses and travel. All of these actions were and are necessary for our safety. But freezing the economy causes huge problems for businesses. All businesses: micro, small, medium and large.

Being aware of these consequences, the government has developed special legal regulations, so called crisis shields, meant to help companies deal with difficult situations. The idea is to maintain liquidity, save jobs, and sometimes even rescue the businesses altogether.

The available government programs provide, among others:

  • relief and preference in the payment of ZUS premiums and taxes,
  • deferral of the effective dates of certain legal solutions or deferral of the deadlines to meet tax and reporting obligations,
  • subsidies in the form of preferential credits and loans.

But please note: the assistance provided by the state is limited when it comes to the available funds. It is the order of applications that counts the most. Those who come first have a better chance at getting relief or money.

We are well aware of the fact that going through the process of applying for assistance may not be easy. And time is a matter of life or death for many companies. This is why we want to help you use what is available.



  • Obtaining assistance resulting from the special legal regulations enacted in connection with COVID-19
  • Current business operations during and after the pandemic
  • Planning future steps to continue with business operations





  • Remote consultations with our experts to determine in detail the form of financing your company can apply for 
  • Comprehensive advisory and assistance in the preparation of documentation to apply for government assistance 
  • Closed formula online trailing on the Crisis Shield on labor law, income taxes, value added tax, the Tax Ordinance 
  • Wide range of open formula online training on the Crisis Shield 
  • Verification of agreements with contractors and risk assessment 
  • Renegotiation of concluded contracts 
  • Assessment of risk of declaring bankruptcy 
  • Development of a recovery plan

#SERVICE:Advisory services

#TRANING: List of available training



  • Applications for ZUS relief 
  • Electronic document flow 
  • Preparation of year-end tax returns (CIT, PIT)
  • SAF – current and new 
  • Personnel and payroll services
  • Electronic mailing of documents 
  • Electronic flow of personnel and payroll documents 
  • Automatic contractor verification
  • Optimization of processes and development of formal and legal procedures to change the personnel and payroll document flow model

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  • Applications for tax relief, i.e.: deferral of payments, requests for payment in installments and cancellation of tax arrears
  • Using IP Box and B+R relief in connection with COVID-19
  • VAT preferences, new rate matrix 

#IMPORTANT: Information about changes in taxes

#IMPORTANT: Information about changes in taxes and the Tax Ordinance

  • Obtaining property tax relief 
  • Deduction of losses on preferential terms 
  • Deduction of donations made in connection with the pandemic 
  • Verification, preparation, filing of transfer pricing documents 
  • Remote tax audit

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  • Assessment of the pandemic’s effect on the company’s financial position and financial statements 
  • Assurance services to verify financial data and financial position 
  • Accounting advisory on the application of accounting standards (international and local) during the pandemic 
  • Remote financial audit
  • Accounting opinions on recognizing the effects of the coronavirus in the books of account and financial statements 
  • Penetration testing of network’s sensitivity to attacks 
  • IT security audits 

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  • Analysis and assessment of risk associated with the pandemic and its effect on key businesses processes from the strategic, operational and tactical level 
  • Assessment of the pandemic’s effect on key contracts and contacts 
  • Understanding and monitoring of the pandemic’s effects on the financial statements 
  • Analysis of the pandemic’s effect on internal control system, e.g. breaking of supply chains, turnover and departure of employees and their effect on internal control 
  • Performance of key processes by employees working from home